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Take Along Tracker is a miniature GPS tracking device.

It is 2.8 inches long and weighs less than 2oz.

It is easy to use and highly portable.  Take-Along has a built in speaker phone for calling for help. It works off a 3G Cellular system.

Take Along is perfect for ensuring the safety of your loved one and with easy monitoring via smartphone app, tablet or web portal it will provide peace of mind to all involved.

Personal Tracker

    • GPS uses satellites to collect your location & speed data.
    • Cellular technology transmits the location data to the secure
      GTX Tracking Portal.
    • The GTX Tracking Portal can be accessed from the internet or
      an app, allowing you to monitor the Take-Along Tracker &
      create performance reports.
    • S.O.S. button sends a custom alert. Add Voice and the S.O.S.
      button dials a preset phone number in case of emergency.
    • Email or text alerts are sent to notify power on/off, low battery,
      & geozones.
    • Multiple virtual perimeters, called geozones, can be customized
      to report when the Take-Along leaves or enters designated areas.
    • Sleep mode gives 5-7 day battery life. Charges in about 2 hours.
    • The GTX Smart Locator app keeps you connected with the
      Take-Along Tracker. Available in Apple App Store and
      Google Play Store.
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