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Vehicle Trackers

Vehicles are stolen every day, many high end motors shipped out of the country within hours.
Fitting a tracker to your vehicle notifies you instantly if your vehicle is stolen and police can be alerted before it's too late.
Many high end vehicles have fitted trackers.  Unfortunately the professional thieves know this and dismantle them in seconds.  A secondary tracker could save your precious wheels.
For businesses, monitor how your employees drive your vehicles.
Monitor the vehicle in real time to see where it goes, how well it is driven.
Our advanced trackers also have vibration alerts so your phone will tell you if anybody tries to tamper with the vehicle in anyway.
Our engineers can fit trackers to most vehicles in minutes.
Trackers cost just £15 per month on a 12 month contract, plus £40 installation fee (£20 refundable when you return the tracker at the termination of the contract).
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